Belarusian Liquidators: Smile Was Always On Pope’s Face

Belarusian Chernobyl catastrophe liquidators, who participated in evacuation of children from eight villages in Brahin district in 1986, Adam and Klaudzija Varaniec told about their meeting with Pope Francis, in which they participated on April, 20th, at the USP office on April, 28th. Seven liquidators from Belarus had been invited to Vatican.

According to them, the weren’t believing thath the meeting will take place, even despite the invitation. “We hadn’t even told our friends and acquaintances. We believed only when we had printed out plane tickets and our insurance”, – told Adam Varaniec, the reporter tells.

“There were dozens of thousands of people at St. Peter square and had been seated at the seats of honor. The heat was almost 30 degrees”, – the liquidators told.

They mentioned that after Pope’s speech about the importance of avoiding a new Chernobyl in the future, he came to the people gathered at the square: “He approached every child and kissed everybody”. “As long as we saw him, the smile never levt his face”, – Adam and Klaudizja Varaniec pointed out.

Photos by Paval Hadzinski