Metropolitan Pavel: We Have No Confrontation With Catholics Or Muslims


The Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslauł Pavel, thePatriarchal Exarch of all Belarus, gave an interview to the SB Internet channel on 26 April.

While talking about whether one should defend Christian values, the hierarch emphasizes that Christianity is suffering oersecution not only in the Middle East or Northern Africa, where Christians are exterminated physically, but in developed Western countries as well, where the level of comfort and well-being had a side effect of a strive for “freedom” under which permissiveness is meant.

“Christianity calls people to concentrate inner force”, – the hierarch emphasizes, while compairing the necessity to follow God’s commandments to the upbringing a child by parents, who, though loving it, wake it up, hurry it to school, to follow the schedule, – to mobilize one’s strength and to put one’s priorities in order.

Unkeashed passions – that is how the BOC primate characterizes the problem of a modern man, in whose soul permisiveness, flasely called “freedom”, has replaced God. “Passions are raging inside us but if we set them free, they pull us down”, – Metropolitan Pavel explains the reason why people who chose satisfaction of all their necessities, even the most egotistic and unfair, their main priority, without a fear for the Judgement Day.

“If a student was told before the exam what he would be asked he would be happy, – the hierarch explains his thought. – But the merciful Lord had given a comprehensive hint to all of us – what we will be asked on the Judgement Day”.

Metropolitan Pavel calles love the main weapon in the struggle for Christian values. “Think about slavery, – Christ didn’t fight slavery but it ceased to exist as a class. On the contrary, Christ told slaves to obey their masters and called masters to love their slaves. He gave us love and it defeated slavery”.

While talking about Belarus as a land where active life, the head of the BOC gives the example of lack of confrontation between belivers of different confessions. “We, the Orthodoxes, have no confrontation with Catholics, Muslims, or other believers, – everybody has enough place under the Sun, everybody is called to make good”, – the hierarch says.