Adventist Church In Belarus Celebrated Its 100th Anniversary


Belarusian Adventists celebrated the 100th anniversary of their presence in Belarus on May, 28th.

The festive service was held at the culture palace of Minsk motor factory, at the hall of which 100-year old Adventist prints, old black-and-white pictures, the Prophecying Spirit books printed on cigarette paper and other relics were exhibited, reports.

The head of the Church’s Euarasian department pastor Maisiej Kaminski addressed the faithful. The Adventists of the churches of Minsk region also got wishes of happy anniversary from the deputy Plenipotentiary for religions and nationalities Aliona Radčanka, who read the address from the Plenipotentiary for religions and nationalities Lieanid Huliaka.

A chamber orchestra  “Klassika” from Lutsk, Ukraine, also performed. A documentary about theMinsk Church was also shown.


The VI National chorus festival “My Lord Is My Strength And My Song” took place in Vasniecova str., in which 12 collectives participated, including “Symphony” from Bellgorod (Russia), the United Chorus of Moldavian Churches and “Klassika”.

For the first time insk Adventists were mentioned in documents in 1906, when Herbert Schmitz, a servant from Warsaw, brought the Gospel to Minsk. In the very beginning of the last century a community was founded lead by pastor Hienrych Liebsak.

Filipp Kuziemka, who served in Minsk from 1921 to 1930, is a cult figure of pre-war Minsk Adventists. He was legally persecuted for his beliefs twice, by Tsarist and Stalinist regimes alike, and in 1937 he was arrested during the mass repression of the faithful in the USSR. Like Hienrych Liebsak, Filipp Kuziemka died as a martyr.

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