Election 2016: authorities closed the church in the center of Minsk


The Catholic Red Church in Independence Square in Minsk was closed on September 12. All Masses there have been canceled, and the people, but the employees were not allowed in it. The problems to visit the temple arisen on the evening of September 11.

Officially, the state enterprise “Minskaja Spadčyna” closed the church due to the repairs which were dangerous for people. According to unofficial Krynica.info sources, such measures have been caused by the authorities’ desire to minimize the number of people in the center of Minsk after the parliamentary elections, while the part of the opposition planned to hold a protest in the center of the city.

After an opposition rally was held in Minsk on 12 September, “Minskaja Spadčyna” stopped the repairs. The Masses in the church have been celebrated since 07:00 September 13, although initially they were canceled for September 12-13. Traces of hazardous work for citizens were not found.

According to Krynica.info information, the church was closed at the request of Alla Martynova, the head of the sector for Religious Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee.

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