Police stormed prayer of Evangelical spiritual center in Minsk


Riot police interrupted the prayer and the meeting of the unregistered Evangelical Spiritual Centre “Regeneration” in Minsk. The incident occurred on September 17, when more than a hundred believers from different Belarusian cities gathered for the joint service in the assembly hall of an enterprise.

“Dozen policemen bursted in, and started to shoot everyone with a video camera. Then they recorded personal data, and took those whom they disliked to the police. They detained more than a dozen participants of the religious meeting. Then they questioned everyone and made an offense protocols”, – Alaksandr Chamicevič, one of the detainees, said, “Viasna” reports.

Pastor Aleh Naciokin was detained as well.

On October 4, the court fined the detainees under part 1 of Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (violation of the order of organizing or holding mass events) with about 210 dollars. According to the court decision, the police got the information that some people transferred to a building some boxes with dynamite. However, flyers of “Regeneration” were in the boxes instead of dynamite.

Spiritual Centre “Regeneration” in Minsk is a member of the same name of a religious organization, formed in 1997 in Ukraine, which is headed by Vladimir Muntean. All-Ukrainian Union of Pentecostal Churches states that Spiritual Centre “Regeneration” is not relevant to gospel teachings, and is very close to the occult practices.

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