Second Congress of Christian Medics from Eastern Europe will be Held in Belarus


Second Congress of Christian Medics from Eastern Europe will be held in Belarus from 6 to 9 of May. As participants will be invited medics such as doctors, medical assistants, nurses and medical students from universities and colleges. The main goal of the congress is to consolidate Christian Medics in their ministry to society and create highest motivation based on the Christian faith.

Significant parts of the congress will be knowledge and experience exchange in a various medicine sectors among professionals from entire the world. As well as discussion about difficult ethical dilemmas in a modern medicine, according to

Congress will be held on platform healthy center ‘Žamčužunka’ which is located in Kobryn district, Brest region. Medical Christian organizations from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus will be there. Guests from Poland, Baltic countries and medical students who study in universities of Eastern Europe are invited as well. Congress agenda include lectors and experts from the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, USA and other countries.

“The events like that allow us to go ahead in our faith, deeper to see as God serves to people at our workplace through each of us. We would like to improve our professional skills and to grow as specialists. We truly believe that connection with Christian colleagues will be excellent example of Christian cohesion and solidarity”, – commented one of organizers.

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