Belarusian ‘Radio Maria’ to be started in full time in February

alaksandar ulas

Belarusian Catholic ‘Radio Maria’ may be started in full time in the middle of February. Catholic Priest Alexander Ulas, who is Program Director of the radio, informed us about it during an event was held January, 28 in Trinity Church in the framework of the pastoral Catholic journalists. ‘We will continue to make an efforts’, – said the Priest.

Beta version ‘Radio Maria’ has already achieved planed purpose. ‘Site works and there are a lot of essential materials for near future. So we expect when all of technical challenges will be solved and can to begin’, – added the Program Director.

According to the Priest, for this period of time, they focused on needed equipment delivery, studio office preparation and organize education process for volunteers. Program Director highlighted that neither school nor institute or other education establishment does not teach young students to public speech, so it is significant circumstance, to give them practical knowledge.

Radio will work in Internet broadcasting format only, because get a radio frequency is unreal as commented to Priest in appropriate government structure.
‘Mostly our target group is aged people and they not so fluently in the internet use. That why this fact is so significant for us. Nevertheless we generally think in ‘a frame of decision’ therefore we going to serve and teach our auditory to use internet correctly through volunteers activity’, – said Catholic Priest.

‘Radio Maria’ is Catholic radio but firstly it is Christian radio based on fundamental Truth bringing together each of Christians. We share values and principles of all Christian. That because among journalists of Christian programs we have not just Catholics’, – noted Priest Ulas.

Broadcasting will be organized in Belarusian language and will contain three main parts: a praying, catechesis, social aspects including moral issues with open discussion concerning the most essential social challenges.

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