Apostolic Nuncio: priority task is preparation of Pope’s visit to Belarus


Apostolic Nuncio in Belarus Archbishop Gabor Pinter has been feeling himself like at home in our country, after six months of living here. He emphasized that the main task on this period of time is to put in order the building of the new Nunciature, where still ongoing finishing works, reported catholic.by.

‘The priority task for myself, I think the preparation of the visit to Belarus of the Pope, so it is very important point – to verify how we can organize this visit the best way’, – said the Apostolic Nuncio.

Archbishop Gabor Pinter noticed that Belarusian society of believers is good field for expanding work in ecumenism direction.

‘Today one of the major challenges that catch the eye is ignoring of each other. In our heads live stereotypes and we do not do anything to destroy them. It takes time and, first of all, that become acquainted. And it’s worth it’, – Nuncio said about his impressions of interfaith relations.

According to him in Belarus ‘there is peaceful coexistence and mutual respect. Believers of one confession can see that people of other confessions wish nothing wrong for them’.

Talking about the financial condition of the Catholic Church in Belarus Monsignor Pinter cites as one of the models of the US economy of the Catholic Church, where there is no “direct funding” – the government supports specific projects only. If the wealthy believers make donations to the church, the usually donate a lot of – sometimes the millions of dollars. From these sources, there are Catholic schools, universities, Catholic hospitals, homes for the poor. ‘I think Catholics in Belarus is gradually also will come to this model – an understanding that is largely just we personally can to help the Church’ – he noted.

Archbishop Gabor Pinter plans visits to different parts of Belarus: Mahiliou, Grodna, Vitebsk and Pinsk.

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