Minsk Church was closed during opposition march


Red Catholic Church, which is located on Independence Square in Minsk, was closed again during the opposition action “Disgruntled Belarusians’ march” on February 17.

A parishioner, who at that moment was in the temple, told about that to Krynica.info.

According to him, the Church was closed after the beginning of the Holy Mass at 19:00. A door on the left side was left open only for enter and exit. Usually the doors to the Red Church close after the last Mass, in rare cases, during the Holy Mass at 21:00, which is served on Sundays and Holidays. Weather the fact is related to the opposition action is unknown.

“Disgruntled Belarusians’ march ” has become the most mass action of the opposition since the crackdown December 19, 2010. According to various estimates a it was attended by about 2-3 thousand people protesting against the decree number 3, also known as the “decree on  slackers”, according to which Belarus residents must pay tax if some of them worked less than 183 days a year. The action started on Kastrycnickaja Square and ended at the Independence Square.

As reported Krynica.info, Red Church was officially closed for renovations from September 12, 2016, when the opposition protested against the official results of the parliamentary elections.


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