Evgenia lives on a farm and treats horses

Evgenia Serafimovich, 20. She lives with her family on a farm in Hlybokaye District, Belarus. They have a family business here – they breed horses. Also, Evgenia and her father teach people to ride ones. Evgenia is a vet paramedic, she treats horses. Evgenia studies in a higher educational institution distantly, and also she works at the local farm treating cows and calfs.


When you are on horseback, you feel like a different person. You are flying above the ground, a gust of air can be felt. This speed, this energy…

My name is Serafimovich Evgenia. I live on a farm in Hlybokaye District.

We have a family business here – our own farm. We breed horses. Also, I and my father teach people to ride ones. And here, at this place my role is enormous because I am a vet paramedic, I treat these animals, try to make them stay healthy.

I have been close to my father since my early childhood. I was not intrested in digging beds with my mum. I have always been with him when he was in the tractor, I have always tightened up some nuts. The same can be said of the horses.

At present, I am 20 years old. I study in a higher educational institution distantly, and also I work at the local farm. I was interested in animal surgery, treating animals. But on farms, on collective farms to be precise, you are obliged to work for getting products which are either meat or milk.

At the present time my salary is 500 roubles a month. Money is not the point for me. What does matter for me is to practise, gain some experience, and learn how to put into practice the knowledge I got in the vet academy.

I would like to find a place of my own that would be similar to this one, and create my own family, and my own farm, in parallel with creating my own business.

Even if I go to town in order to practise, it will only take some years for me to improve the skills, learn how to work, and then I will definitely come back.

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Alena Shabunia, Viachaslau Lazarau

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