To Olga, working as a programmer is a true hobby

Olga Agafonova is a programmer. She lives and works in Vitebsk now. Olga spends much time for self-study in order to climb the corporate ladder. She thinks her job to be interesting, creativity-encouraging and useful due to its facilitating of people’s lives. This job allows to work distantly and live anywhere in the world. Olga does not know yet what country she would like to live in.

My name is Agafonova Olga, I am 23 years old, I come from Novopolotsk, but at the moment I live in Vitebsk. I work as a programmer for the ‘EPAM Systems’. It is currently the largest company in Belarus.

In this country being a 23-year-old girl is pretty hard. It is difficult to find a job, because nowadays employers require that employees have much experience. And if the first job of yours is great and you like it, it is like winning the lottery. Fortunately, I won I guess.

What do I like about being a programmer? The fact that every day I face new tasks, create something new and people use it.

I would like to learn how to develop mobile applications. And why don’t I, for instance, start a new department and manage it?

I like to do sports. And, luckily, the company provides us with very nice bonuses: we can attend the gym at the office where we work. It is fairly convenient that you work, then go downstairs, workout and go home.

I would say that my perception of the world was mostly influenced by my mum, because she raised me. And she has always respected the choices I make. She says, ”If you are happy, I am happy.”

Thanks to my job I can live in Belarus one day and the other day, for example, leave for Czechia, for Prague and work there. So far, I do not know what country I would like to live in.

08.12.2018 Belarus|