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The Christian Portal “KRYNICA.INFO” tells about all Belarussian Christian confessions activities, about relations between the society and the church, about believers’ civic stand, charity and social responsibility.

We analyze, comment, discuss, but we avoid concerning the doctrinal differences and focus on subjects truly uniting believers of all confessions – the Love for God and for Homeland, active interest in the current state of society and our common future.

The modern acts of faith, Christian practice and new Christian technologies, the history of Christian confessions in Belarus, interconfessional cooperation, the youth, the family, the Christian view on economics and politics, secular iniatives, social projects – we highlight these and many other topics comprehensively, thoroughly and we are always open for the discussion.

KRYNICA.INFO is a unique example of cooperation between Orthodoxes, Catholics and Protestants, people of different political and religious views. We are together, because united we can achieve much more! We are open for cooperation!

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